Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fireworks and hot dogs

It's July 4th! Just another day in the history books of most every other country - another day in the span of time that we won't really ever understand. Excuse my mind as it runs away in a blur of streams of consciousness kindofbutnotreally

It's interesting how we celebrate this day here - one day in a year to commemorate the freedom that we have - just as we have one day a year to remember our veterans, presidents, etc etc etc... I guess the next step was to have months of remembrance right? So are there years of remembrance? How about decades? Centuries? Nahh, too much for people to take on. Our minds can only handle so much, and there are better things to do each day than to remember fill-in-the-blank-here all the time. This way we can be more efficient! Make better use of our busy lives. Now, spending each day as a remembrance to something - that would be a sight wouldn't it? Picture fireworks everyday :)

We have freedom from something greater - it's freedom from the inside out, from the confines of a soul tacked down by chains of eternity, that which we cannot see or feel, but can see and feel down to the depths of what we call our hearts. Shackles off my feet so I can dance - like King David to the hatred of his wife - just wanna praise you, unfettered and freed.

Happy Independence Day