Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hunger and Thirst

More today from Revive Our Hearts, I feel like I've just been pubbing for them nonstop lately

I had dinner with Liz yesterday, and we got to talk, among other things, about how we've been learning and growing spiritually - ahhh so beautiful!! She spoke of the feeling of joy, of being on cloud 9 in a sense, when we are walking steadily with the Lord and firmly vested in His Word. And she also said this (paraphrased) - if we can attain so much joy from readings books written about God (or, I might add, talking to others about God and listening to others about God), how much more joy would we gain from reading directly the Words of God? (And I might add, spending time in communion alone with God?)

Oh my goodness, yes. A thousand times yes.

This is the hunger and thirst that we need, all the time. Not for physical food, and not for physical rest or even mental rest no matter how great that desire may be. We need to hunger and thirst for the living Word, for a resting of our souls in the arms of His embrace.

Revive Our Hearts today was about family devotionals, but a few poignant lines:
"I knew at that moment that I needed to just start right there. So I gathered all four of my children andI said, "We're going to start reading through the Bible." And they all cheered and said, "We've been wanting to do that.""
"When you consistently read the Bible, it requires you to make changes to your life. The point of reading the Bible isn't just a read, it's to act on what it says."
Those were children as young as three, cheering at the prospect of reading God's word. Three year olds. What a blessing to grow up in such a God-fearing, and God-loving, home.

I learned recently that sometimes, Jewish men and women keep a box of Scriptures tied to their heads so that the Scripture may always be near them. I would love to do that, though maybe not literally tied to my head. I remember I always used to be jealous of the other boys and girls in church who knew the Bible well - for me though, it was more a status symbol (they get more stickers?? why not me!!)

But it's not a status thing. This is a life thing. Lord, let me hunger and thirst for you.