Sunday, February 23, 2014

Linhfish and Oddish

A few things!!!

First of all, my sister Lin's comic has gone viral and I'm super proud. But understandably it is a little scary!! :O

Chocolate by Lin Alice Hu webcomic
Click to read it!


So ever since I saw my first mangosteen, I've been trying to figure out what they reminded me of for AGES. It finally dawned on me a few days ago that it looks just GLOOM!

Then, I realized I have a slight obsession with seeing pokemon in random places. Like Oddish, which I discovered in my coworker Kristen's cube.

I added the face and picture after my realization


It's probably because many Pokemon were designed based on real life things to begin with?

What other real life Pokemon are there!!??

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Creativity motivates

Recently I've discovered a new thing about myself.

(Actually it's probably not that new - but I've never really thought about it before!)
I need to do something creative, on a regular basis.
I'm not actually sure what a "regular basis" means, but I've noticed that during spans of time when I don't make anything or design anything, my brain gets flustered and tired, I'm not easily distracted and bored, and I can't seem to do anything else productively.

On the other hand, when I am able to do something creative, I find that during work, or house-keeping, or even cooking, I have a much better line of focus and I seem to be able to do things faster! Maybe that's just a matter of psychology.

Anyhow - that led me to think, What does creativity entail?

For me, lately, it's included flower arranging, web design and developing, tailoring old clothes, trying out new dishes, building a lightbox, gift-making and card-writing...

Oddly enough, it doesn't include knitting or crocheting! Those are the first two things that I initially thought about.

Maybe it's because I haven't tried anything new in knitting or crocheting in a while. Perhaps, then, it's not so much about the craftiness of it, but about how much it is a new sort challenge?

Hopefully the next challenge I'll be able to take is responsive web design...

Some recent projects: 
Website is now up and running:
Macarons and cake pops
Paper cutting (horse pattern from

Some jewelry 
Making orange juice. Ok, not very exciting but very delicious!

Flower arrangements

Here's to more creative times! :)