Friday, November 9, 2007

Swing Dancing (unfortunately, no pictures :/)

Tonight, I went out to Boston/Newton with 2 ballet buddies to go swing dancing :) It was advertised by Citylife, which is a church that I just started to visit last weekend ~

It started out with a hectic day, with scheduling not working out so well, and then me trying to decide whether I still wanted to go or not... ultimately I felt like if it happened to work out, I should go, and if not, just forget about it. It worked out.

Tiffany was already in Boston, so Diana and I squeezed into the Peter Pan. After a 1.5 hour trek, we made it to the stop, where we promptly ran into a sushi bar and ate a lot of good food :)

Afterward, the swing dance floor... 10$ for what at first seemed like a very long long night with old people and confusing steps - but what ended up being possibly one of the best nights I've spent so far :D

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  1. How cute! Swing dancing is so much fun. Let's go over winter break, too! <3