Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This year's summer dresses all seem to have tiebacks. Darn it, should have launched my own line before everyone else jumped on the boat. I want to go swing dancing!!! Round up the possums.

My sleeping schedule is so strange. It seems to have turned inside out, but only sometimes.


I have found that it is physically impossible for me to stay up longer than X hours without at least X/3 hours of sleep the night before. Power naps/unpower naps help a lot, but they only provide 1/3 of the waking energy time for each hour of nap I get. That's probably not a definitive function, but I'd say it's pretty close as of these two months.

Aspirations for One Day: make the dresses that I see and like BY HAND (and sewing machine), put together the other sewing crafty things that I've designed, bring my imagined paintings to life, cook delicious and beautiful food, including traditional chinese foods and crazy cakes and bento boxes. I've actually got a few bento boxes behind my belt already (literally), the latest of which is:

My bento, linked from Soy's blog! Click to for her post.

This is a bit late now, but a few weeks back Anna came and led a bento box workshop with us - she's the one who made the Walle bento that some of y'all might have seen ~ either way though, look at her gallery and blog! :) It's quite amazing. Click here to go to her post about the workshop. Go find mine! Haha

Anna's publicized "Walle" bento ~ click for interview
I've actually made a few bento boxes in the past, but they're nothing like these of course hahah

fafsafafsafafsafafsafafsafafasa CSSSSSSSSS

I'm really excited for Iowa. Good night soon.! .?

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  1. You met AnnaTheRed? WOW. She's actually pretty famous in the bento-making world, I hear.

    Let's sew together! Today I discovered/uncovered two items of clothing that no longer fit me, and I would like to upcycle them. Like sew clothes for the stuffed dog that used to belong to you that used to belong to me! That would be fun.