Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reviewing Life Trends

Over retreat, we did an exercise where we wrote out three timelines, from birth until today. One timeline recounted how God's been working in our lives to bring us where we are. One was about the struggles that we've gone through, and how God brought us through them. The last was about the times that we've felt the pleasure of God, as described by Eric Liddell -
"When I run, I feel His Pleasure."
It was amazing to see my life history visually laid out like that - I'm sure that there was so much that I missed too, and much more that close friends and family could remind me of.

As a side, I've been able to see a little bit more why I might have my penchant toward over-scheduling myself. Example - my dad is involved in like 500 activities, ranging from service in and outside of church to heading group activities, to studying part time, attending conferences, investing in networks of learning, and side activities like gardening, traveling, kite making, slug hunting and fishing with rubber. Of course, he's a lot more put together than I. :) When I take a closer look at my family, my own strange habits start to make that much more sense - eating strange foods, making strange crafts, reveling in strange activities, and so on. Hi family, if you're reading this :) Thank you. <3

As a kid I never really had a liking for history - to me, it was just boring stuff about dead white males. But as the years passed, I've come to realize how important it is. Reflection lets us understand who we are and where we come from. It gives us a window to the future as we understand ourselves. And finally, reflection brings remembrance, remembrance, gratitude, and gratitude, praise.

Let us remember.

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