Monday, September 29, 2008

Feeling yellow

And a little green, a bit purple, a tinge orange, and all shades of blue. Oh, and kind of grey too, but that's probably because I feel not very hygienically acceptable right now. :( I need to shower.

It's Monday. I want a day off. I don't think I even know how much I need a day off.

I feel like I'm always just making it. Can I please not do that? I have 30 minutes.


1 comment:

  1. speaking of a day off...fall break is coming up so do not fear!! hahaha =p
    any plans for fall break?

    and hrm. ur other entry..about feeling insecure.
    dude, maybe like...maybe its something about first semester sophomore year. when u think you're all settled in by now since u were here for a whole year already...but somehow we're not just as settled in as we'd like to think. u know recently i feel like i was more settled in last fall than i am now, which is really...weird. lol.