Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You know it's late when...

You go into an elevator, press the wrong buttons, get out on the wrong floor anyway even though you pressed the at least one of the right buttons, back track the stairs, then go back to the elevator to rebacktrack. And forget that it's the same elevator that you just used. Did that make sense at all?

So I got on the elevator with the intention of going up to 4th floor (I know, so lame - why not walk right? :( :( :( ), but I pressed both the 3rd and 4th floor buttons. I get off at 3rd floor for some reason (b/c the door opened there first ok?) and then walk up the stairs to 4th floor. Then I go back to the elevator to go back down to 3rd floor (why? I don't know.) and found myself thinking, "hey, this looks like the one from third floor!"


For lack of better words, I think I'll just end this post here. It's not really that late though. I think this happened around 12. :( Shame...


  1. hahaha...you're silly.

    thanks for coming to twigs last night!

  2. The sad thing is I know exactly what you're talking about. And I've done the same type of thing in a different situation.

    I hope your first couple of weeks is going ok! We really need to catch up soon so you can update me about school, ATD, twigs, etc! <3

  3. x] x] x] *hug*
    catto <3 <3 <3 you luma!