Thursday, March 26, 2015

There is 3 in tres leches!

(but there are no tres leches in this post, sorry)

This past weekend marked three years for David and me. I can't believe how quickly three years have already gone by! He had planned a really lovely day-trip, but unfortunately we got snowed out that morning (and right after the Spring Equinox too).. Nevertheless, we got to celebrate! A few highlights - we made it to brunch at Zaftigs after a recently failed attempt (they are just too popular) and finally watched Despicable Me (him for the first time). We also got some tasty plates at The Butcher Shop for dinner, including The Most Delicious Steak (that we've ever had???) and a surprisingly delicious steak tartare (which I initially thought looked like Ragu...oops). By dinner time, the skies had cleared up and we were able to walk around to get some much-needed exercise (and froyo, of course). Hooray!!

Just before heading to dinner from the garage - it was finally clear!

Petite charcuterie. Can't remember what each thing was.. but they were tasty!

Steak tartare, pickled onions, and super buttery toast

The best steak we've ever had! I think it was "Wagyu"?

David also prepared another surprise for me - a Cricut Explore! I seriously couldn't believe it when he brought it in!! The Cricut is a super cool printer-type machine that can automatically cut out custom designs (and can draw them too)! I first learned about Cricut several years ago while designing wedding invitations for some friends. Since then, I'd entertained the thought of getting one several times but ultimately decided it was too much of a splurge. I even tried entering contests to win one, but to no avail (little did I know...)

It's a lot bigger than I imagined!

He took almost 80 pictures of me unboxing it, so of course I had to make a movie
(this does not include all 80 photos)

I've done papercutting for a while, starting around middle/high school. I took a little hiatus during college, resurfacing for little projects here and there, but I recently started doing more for fun and for friends/family. I've also been doing more wedding designs for friends, and (this is a secret, shh!!) have been contemplating opening up a store sometime in the future. David has always encouraged me to keep pursuing my dreams despite my own doubts and misgivings, and this gift pointed me again to exactly that. Thank you, David, for your patient and steady love, support, and mutual chiseling through these years -- Happy three years!!!

:D :D

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