Sunday, July 27, 2008

A confession

I'm homesick.

Every time I see a parent with his or her (but especially her) child, I start transforming into a messy.. mess.. inside.

I want to hold my parents' hands again. To hug them whenever I see them, to complain about stupid things like 妈我又需要短裤了, to cook or attempt to make 饺子 or 馄饨 or 八宝饭 with them, to go bargain shopping with my mom, to discuss the latest innovations of technology with my dad, to talk about far away worlds with Lin, to play soccer with Liang. To just see them, go to annoying Chinese potlucks with them, to be able to say good morning and good night, to eat Sunday lunches with them, or have unhealthy desserts after too-filling dinners.


But... this just shows how much more I appreciate them... And how important family is, once again. I find it so heartbreaking when family isn't the safest place to be for someone, when someone dreads going home because they'll have to see their mother or father or sibling - when a mother or father is shunned by their child, or vice versa.

Rain, rain, go away...
But maybe, rather than always hoping for sunshine, I should instead see the beauty of rain.


  1. Aww.... T-T Lumamaaa *HUG* wahhhh me knows how you feel too Dx but yea.. it does show how much you love your family and how much they mean to you. yayyy :D :D :D and they'll always love you x]

    Hey... I just wrote about rain on my blog too!! skipo mind wave!!! lol rainnn....

  2. i miss you toooooooo!!!!!!
    i wish christmas break would just hurry up and you would just come home. . .
    solaris went off to college and now im even more lonely.