Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm more productive after lunch

Therefore, because it's still before lunch, I am here. O deer.

Nostalgia - thinking about the past makes you feel that way. Or about the idealistic experiences that we've never had.

I'm not so sure whether I like random people reading my thoughts. I do hold that what one thinks one shouldn't be ashamed of - but there is a line. And it's awkward when people are like "hey I read this on your post" and I'm like "....."

Some people look much older than their age, while others look much younger... I've always looked younger than my age, but recently I've been asked if I'm 2 or 3 years older than I am. It's strange - is that because of how I act or because of how I look? Either way, it's totally unexpected - I thought that both would point to younger. Age is just a number I guess.

I miss a lot of things - from my long past, from my recent past, even from yesterday. Nostalgia - it's kind of robbing in a way. There's goodness to it - it's always good to remember the past. But the danger lies in dwelling on what's no longer here. Enjoy it, appreciate it, make use of it, love it, but look to the future and what lies ahead.

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