Thursday, November 17, 2011

Awesome Sleeping Resources

Two of my favorite web sleep resources right now: ~ A lovely, simple little tool to calculate how much sleep you should get, and what time you might try getting up in order to complete a good number of full sleep cycles. This also works the opposite way around, a.k.a. what time should you sleep if you need to be awake at such and such time?
AskMeEvery ~ This is absolute genius - a cellphone-linked self-accountability system, whereupon you determine the question you must ask yourself each day, and are prompted via SMS to tabulate your results. You can view your progress or lack thereof via a simple plotted graph. 

When I first started using AskMeEvery, I asked myself how many hours of homework I did each day. But this information was ultimately useless to me. Now, I've been asking myself how many hours of sleep I got each day. The results for this past week have been pretty sad. 
I'm doing better!

This is not something I'm proud of. Let it be known that Lulu will [try to] get lots of sleep henceforth, with lots of sleep as defined by whatever tells me is good via its shade and tint of green. 

8:15am=good! 5:15am=not as good. 12:45am=why are you doing this?

One design suggestion: they should show the first few options in
RED and then reprimand me the user for my his/her poor life habits.  

Oh the wonders of technology! May these resources be as useful to you as they are to me. Do any of you have favorite resources out there? Please share! 

The end.

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