Sunday, November 20, 2011

Upcycling Lightbulbs

Do you have a bunch of old burned-out lightbulbs lying around? Here are some projects you can do to upcycle them! 

Hanging bulb vases - so pretty!

How To make the Hanging Lightbulb Vase - FreePeople

Simple vase! - arte.sano Instructables

Terranium - arte.sano Instructables

Salt and Pepper Shakers - Esprit Cabane 

More hanging vases - Esprit Cabane

How to Hollow Out a Lightbulb - TeamDroid

Our house uses energy efficient lightbulbs, which don't lend themselves well to such projects because they're filled with mercury which can keeeel you, but we do have a few old bulbs like the above that could use a makeover. That said, I think those spirally energy efficient lightbulbs would look so pretty as a vase!! If only they didn't contain nasty chemicals...

Anyway, this had been added to my list of projects! Which is ever growing, and currently kind of stuck on Project Mittens..

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