Saturday, August 9, 2008

About Learning

Once again. I was just reminded of some of my frustrations. Mostly with myself. But also with others - though I should have no reason to be?

I wrote about this once in my xanga - I think that learning by crashing and burning can be super effective - but it's much wiser to learn through others' experiences.

Yes yes, we may remember things better when we actually experience things ourselves, and sometimes that experience is so necessary for other things... Learning by feeling and experiencing can mean that we learn and remember better. Yes. I agree. BUT, I still consider it foolish to dive into something you've seen others fail multiple times in.

I think wisdom in one form is being able to learn from others' mistakes. Being able to discern what should and should not be taken from others' experiences.

To say that it's better to crash and burn often shows a lack of maturity I think - not about the person saying it necessarily, but about the person it refers to. Sure, you'll end up with a lot of battle scars, but what does that really show? It shows you have a lot of experience, and a large history of many foolish actions.

This is not to say we should not ever take risks. But there is a difference to taking a risk and taking a plain old stupid risk. I guess that's up in the air too - of what is and isn't stupid. Fine fine, because everything is a disputable matter in that case. True. There are merits to both. But this is my stance - take it or leave it.

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