Sunday, August 10, 2008

So many lines.

It's 2:26 am. AHH!!! But I had a great conversation that I wish could have gone on longer...

All said though, I wish I had been there for you longer, that I had been there for you sooner, that I had done more, that I had made more effort... I'm sorry maaaaa D:

Maybe this will be the first of many more phone dates to come :) I love phone dates. Even though sometimes they may be filled with silences. That's just because I'm thinking though. Merh.

For now, I'm going to try to set up appointments and make things more intentional... dahhhh if only we had like 72 hours in a day.

Right now actually, I'd be happy to just stay up all night and keep talking. And talking, and talking and talking... like the energizer bunny, except Duracil works better. Did I spell that right?

Um, that's probably not a good idea though.

So right now, I'm feeling kind of loopy.  Not just in the sense that it's kind of late - also that everything seems to be looping together and tangling up into knots. Ok, not everything. That's a huge exaggeration. But things in general?

Tomorrow is Family Night. Actually, today is Family Night. Ahh it's Sunday!

Really, time has flown by so quickly. I feel like summer began just a couple weeks ago, rather than a whole 2 months ago. There's a big flying bug around my head. Get awaaaaayyyy

All that I need is a little more life in my day... not more minutes or more hours, but more life... And there are so many ways that could happen.

Take some time to just stop and smell the roses. Cat said this before, and I voice it again. Please, stop picking the flowers and putting them into jars and then just forgetting about them. Enjoy the beauty of the flower, the fragrance of the flower, in its state and just where it is... We don't need to snatch things before their time...

Everything just seems so shallow sometimes. Am I just really cynical at the moment? Maybe I'm just being emo. EMOOOOOO EMU

Dahh. The end.


  1. hehe that reminds me of that one song they kept playing on ktis when you wrote about "need a lil more life in my day" part xD hehe

    awwww im glad you got to talk on the phone with her!!! im really glad :] yay!!!!! yeaa.. i feel the same way you feel too... :( but it's not too late!! we still have our whole life to do that :D

    nyah....WUBU *HUG*

    i hope family night goes well tonight!! im sure it will :] i still love the invitation!! so awesome x] x] x]

  2. nya~~~ maa thanks for the phone chat. i hope i wasnt stealing time away from you talking to other people or getting things done >.<

    it helped. im thinking about God a lil more. i need to go buy that book too.

    woo i like catma's comment. about the flower. i have smart mommies xD

    rawr this blogger thing is confusing. how do i get notices in my email that you wrote a blog?? o.o

    let us know how family night went!! im sure it was awesome :)