Friday, August 1, 2008

A day in the office

The internet was down today for about an hour...

So we cranked out the Wii and feasted on artichoke/shrimp/chicken/3 cheese pizzas. Mmmm...

It's interesting weird to see grown men, some of them well into their 60s, playing pop-the-bubbles (or whatever it's called) on that machine.

What kind of pass should I get? By the time anybody gives me a response I'll probably have boughten it already.. (is that even a word?) 59.00 for the one that gives me local bus and subway access, or 89 for the one including ferry access and express bus? I calculated it all out - all of my expected transportation costs for every day of August (ahh so OCD) So if I were to take the subway instead of the bus, I'd save about $20... but what about that opportunity cost of "just in case something happens"? Marhhhhh D: D: D:

Oh money... I've started an official tablet fund. Would anybody like to donate? :D


  1. LOL yayyy old man on wii playing bubbles!! HAHAAHHAAH omg. that's awesome x]

    TABLET FUND!!!!!! Are you including the gift I gave you? x] or did you use that for groceries? :D I wanna donate again!!!! heehee!!! xD xD

    uhm uhm...i forgot what i was gonna say..

    I LOVE YOU TOOOO!!! <3

  2. oh yea!!! bus!!! what did you decide to do? ><