Friday, October 10, 2008

1.5 more hours to go!

I had half a jar of covered espresso beans - equivalent to about 4 cups of pure espresso... but I still managed to nod off while reading through my neuro notes. You have failed me, oh caffeine! Caffeine is a bitter tasting substance, reminiscent of the bitter tastes of many poisons in our world. Our gustatory and olfactory systems work together to take in all those sensations of smell and taste to provide feedback to our brains, telling us which substances may or may not be beneficial or harmful. There are over 10000 distinguishable (for humans) odors, yet we have less odor receptors in our noses than do mice. That's because (our perception of) odor is not only dependent on the molecules, but also on the concentration of those molecules. For example, the odor molecule for coffee is the same as that of feces - the latter just happens to be much more concentrated. So the next time you smell that coffee and think "mmmm", think again.

Back to studying... :(

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  1. lulu. no more espresso beans. theyre SOO bad for you!!!!!!! =[
    lulu i'm praying for you....keep strong...and i trust and hope that you will do awesomely on your exams tomorrow. =]