Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Facebook - an incoherent rant.

There seems to be endless debates around [the pros and cons of] Facebook... Personally, I find that I am quite often put at unease with what I see on it. Apparently, it's useless to "use one's discretion", since one's discretion is usually unreliable. Also, facebook is the worldwide stalkernet - not so sure about that... Fortunately, it is not mandatory to declare in a publicly accessible space one's personal address and phone number, as it is on Wellesley's very own StalkerNet (available only on campus to those with a banner ID), but people do it anyway. To a certain extent we can protect the privacy of these sensitive bits of info, but again, one's own discretion is not always the best. Or maybe they just don't care. But please, if you may, put away those pictures of yourself participating in... questionable... activities.

However, as shallow as Facebook may be, it has its merits... One of which is to know people's birthdays - so useful! Except when it's wrong. That's not so helpful. I personally highly dislike when people write a cute little "happy birthday!" on my wall simply because the specific date of which was to be found on my Facebook profile - I find myself twitching at it sometimes. And it feels rather bandwagonesque to me. Wow, is that a word? It's not red-scribbly-underlined... 

All that said, Linlin, I implore you - don't get facebook yet :( But if you do, I'll be your friend. Heart.

Everyone, go and support your local chamber of commerce! Fly, fly! And tomorrow is International Stuttering Awareness Day.


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