Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Eating alone

Often times I would kind of cringe at the thought of eating by myself somewhere, like for lunch or dinner or what not - and I know many people who shudder at the thought too... but I think that recently I've been really enjoying that... partially because I have no choice and there's just no time, haha - but also partially because it seems to be the few moments I have "alone" - I guess I've come to really appreciate and even look forward to eating alone. All that said, I also see that there's much much value in eating with others - a chance to build relationships, to deepen relationships, to catch up and wind down, and because everyone has to eat anyway, why not do it together if you can? There's definitely value in both.

All that said, I just set up another lunch date.. hahaha

In other news, I have a new pet:

Courtesy of the bio department.


  1. Lulu! I love giant microbes!! Wow what a cool blog. How do I get my own layout too?? >__>