Monday, October 13, 2008

On the way back

(buses have wifi now! ahhh!)

Mmm all in all it's been a great weekend... a true retreat into the city that turned up many things that I would never have expected.

I realized many of the blessings of going to Wellesley this weekend.. haha! That's kind of ironic - I originally was so looking forward to this trip as a retreat away from Wellesley, and now that I look back, it's become something that's helped me to appreciate it all the more... interesting.

Had so many great conversations these few days... strange and wonderful to catch up with home friends, meet their new friends and click with even newer friends - and that in itself was a strange experience. Clicking with others. Not that it's never happened. Actually, I think that's what brings about friendships - clicking! Ahh so many realizations through that too..

I wonder, how strong am I really? If I am strong at all? How long could I stand firm, if I can stand firm at all? One more reason to love Wellesley...

Other reasons include being able to eat without being judged (most of the time), and being able to talk to like minded individuals about things of frivolous matter in an intellecual way (like fashion and shoes. although the former includes the latter, the latter is also in a category by itself). And more.

The trees outside are so beautiful! Mother Nature is finally shedding her summer veil... Interesting how its Mother Nature and Father Time.

Etiquette is important.


    hahahah =p
    i hope you aren't leaving anything on the bus!!

    and man, this weekend made me realize how meaningless Wellesley is without you Wellesley-ers. LOL. the place without the people holds less than half the value it holds WITH the people. i mean i appreciate Wellesley for its beautiful campus and all...but yes. i miss you! and such that i dont love Wellesley as much as I usually do because you guys arent hereee!!! hAHAHHA and eatting without being judgeed...thats a good thing..but sometimes i think its why i always get fat when i come here. LOLLLL and overeating is...not taking care of our bodies too!!! so bad!! LOLLL okay now im just ranting because i miss you =D COME BACK!

    i love clicking :D

    i'm glad you had a great time, and a great realization :] yayyy!!! i want some too!! haha

  3. oh? i just posted a comment but it didnt show up TT-TT