Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cold Feet

That phrase has many meanings... sometimes they are to be taken literally. There is a reason I love socks and slippers so much, and that reason is Minnesocold.

A chain of whopping subzero highs all week until Friday. At least it's sunny while we're at it.

Plans for today:
- Make some lunch!
- Clean
- Personal Statement draft 2
- Internship Applicationing
- Fillings part 1
- Calculus Tutoring

Why do I have so many split ends? I just cut my hair too... Merr :/

Oh, and in response to my own post down thar, one glove does have some uses!!! Unfortunately, those only seem to work for rubber gloves and not knitted ones.


  1. MINNESOCOLD HEHE! Aww man -10 degrees D: I shall stop complaining of 20 degree temperature now! :D

  2. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v20/aigoochamnah/weather.jpg

    hmmmm :( i feel bad for you

  3. yea.. it's brutal when you're out there waiting for the bus at 6:40AM, -14 outside.

    i thought i was gonna lose my toes TT-TT and my cheeks D: D: D: twas scawie.

    one glove!! aww D: