Sunday, March 15, 2009


王力宏 has such good English... I forget that and everytime I hear him sing in English I am a little shocked. 潘玮柏 also has really good English. Why is my English so not good? Dang...

My nails are painted!

It is a beautiful day. Not only b/c it's sunny and warm (it's nearing 60! duude...) but b/c this is the day that the Lord has made. Approach it with gladness... b/c God is good!!!! It's 3:25.


  1. it looks like you missed a few nails :p

  2. HAHAH U TOOK PICS! lolllll i miss u already. even though i saw u an hour ago. HAHHA

  3. OOOOH... I like them :D they're pretty. I can't draw on my nails for poo.

  4. woww the right thumb is so pretty!! @0@
    that means you used left hand too! WOWW XD

    brings back memories ^^