Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A quick lesson in resume/cover letter/portfolio preparation

Spell check and grammar check like a fiend.

My supervisor: "When I go through these piles of applications, after the 5th spelling or grammar mistake I just stop reading."

Don't be that guy. (Or girl) And actually, 5 mistakes is really generous already.

And hey! I'm back at my old desk, where there is now a little basket with my name on it. Nice.


  1. oO basket with your name! =D hAHAHH thanks for your love today lulu +D

  2. You have a desk at work?! WOW, you're moving up that corporate ladder preeeetty quick. =P

  3. Aw so cute!! xD xD
    Liddo basket with yo name :3

    yea.. 5 spelling error IS a lot O_o I hope I don't do that..